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Truly Knowing God leads to seeing ourselves in a renewed way — as He sees us

Episode for Sunday, August 27, 2023

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Ian Greig
Weekly faith-building and encouraging story and podcast told through excerpted Bible readings.
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||  Truly Knowing God leads to seeing ourselves in a renewed way — as He sees us  ||

Ian & Alison Greig talk us through this episode which starts with the story in Exodus 2 of how the Israelites in Egypt were cruelly oppressed under a new Pharaoh, but held on to their faith in God and loyalty to Him as a first priority.

Then we are bystanders as Jesus and the disciples look at a picture of mixed-up, syncretistic religion depicted in the shrines and grottos of Caesaraea Philippi — the story is in Matthew 16. When Jesus asks Peter who he thinks Jesus really is, he blurts out a powerful — and life-changing declaration of faith.

This is underlined by Paul’s teaching in Romans 12, urging us as people renewed by the Holy Spirit to offer true worship to God in our practice as well as our words, interacting with Him and each other as members of a body where each has a particular spiritual contribution to make, for the upbuilding of all.


There’s an audiogram version of this — audio with captions — on this page


The full Bible readings (NIV) are all together on this page and there are links to Bible Gateway below so you can find your preferred version. These are the readings recommended for Sunday August 27 in the interdenominational scheme that’s widely used by both churches and chapels (Revised Common Lectionary).

Psalm 124

Exodus 1:8-2:10 — A new ruler leads to hardship for the Israelites

Matthew 16:13-20— Who is Jesus? The answer also defines who we are

Romans 12:1-8— Seeing ourselves in the renewed way of the Spirit